Well here goes

So I understand that the point of a reading challenge is to push oneself to read more books and to get one to read things that may not normally be in your comfort zone.  Despite this a part of me cannot help feeling a little guilty for never doing better on these challenges.

Every year for the past three I have assigned myself some sort of reading challenge- usally to read a certain number of books based on arbitrary factors (ie boks by female authors, books with red spines etc) as outlined by some random book blogger I found.  Well no that is last part is not entirely true- one year I created a reading Bingo game for myself.  If anything that was less “successful”.

Anyway as I said every year I do this and don’t quite make the goal I set for myself.  And by “don’t quite” I mean, of course, fall far far short of the goal.  I find other things to do with my time like Youtube or Facebook or interact with other human beings.  Crazy, right?

So this year I have decided on two things:

  1. That I will enjoy the journey even though I will obviously fail.  I will except that these challenges are meant to be fun ways to push myself and that no one is secretly tallying up my losses and shaking their head in disgust.  Because that would be ridiculous…..
  2. That I will make it harder for myself!

So to that last point I have decided to take on not one, not two but three (!) reading challenges.  Now one of them may stretch out over a couple of years but either way I hope to push myself even more this year!  So here we go…

1- Popsugar Reading Challenge

A perennial favorite.  Maybe this year I will even get to the Advanced challenge.



2. “Deal Me In!” Short story reading challenge

I just discovered this and am pretty excited about it.  A short story a week (roughly) for  a year based on a deck of cards.  Here is my deck:

Hearts- H.P Lovecraft

Ace-The Doom that Came From Sarnath

Deuce-The thing on The Doorstep

Three- The Music of Erich Zann

Four-The Outsider

Five-The Picture in the House

Six-The Cats of Ulthar

Seven-From Beyond

Eight-Ex oblivione

Nine-Under the Pyramids

Ten-The White Ship

Jack- The Dunwich Horror

Queen- The Call of Cthulhu

King- At The Mountains of Madness

Diamonds- Ray Bradbury

Ace-The Fox and The Forest


Three-The Small Assassin

Four-The Fruit at the bottom of the bowl

Five- Hail and Farewell

Six-A Medicine for Melancholy

Seven- Night Meeting

Eight-And the rock Cried Out

Nine- Skeleton

Ten-the Illustrated Man

Jack-the Watchful Poker Chip of H Matisse

Queen- Dandelion Wine

King-The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit

Clubs- Assorted

Ace- The glass Eye (John Keir Cross)

Deuce- The Demon Lover (Shirley Jackson)

Three- In the Penal Colony (Franz Kafka)

Four- The Enormous Radio (John Cheever)

Five- The Sound Machine (Roald Dahl)

Six- The White Pirate (Michael Moorcock)

Seven- the Curse (Ed Gorman)

Eight- The Dream of Antigone (Brian W Aldiss)

Nine- Estate (Caitlin R Kiernan)

Ten- Postcards from The King of Tides (Caitlin R Kiernan)

Jack- Tears Seven Times Salt (Caitlin R Kiernan)

Queen- The Infinity Box (Kate Wilhelm)

King- The Beautiful People (Charles Beaumont)


Spades- Assorted

Ace-MAXOS (Charles Stross)

Deuce- Unwirer (Charles Stross and Corey Doctorow)

Three- The Infernal Bouillabaisse (Charles Beaumont)

Four- Where Have you Been Billy Boy, Billy Boy? (Kate Wilhelm)

Five- Missing (Julie Doucet)

Six- Under The Wings of a Big Old Bird (Stuart ross)

Seven-Boxing Not Bingo (Elise Levine)

Eight- My Fake Job (Rodney Rothman)

Nine- Journal of a New COBRA Recruit (Keith Pille)

Ten-Eidolons (Harlan Ellison)

Jack-Chained to the Fast lane in The red Queen’s race (Harlan Ellison)

Queen- Martyrdom (Joyce Carrol Oates)

King-The Ghost Village (Peter Straub)


Today I pulled my first card- looks like I am starting with Eidolons by Harlan Ellison.



3, Infinite Read

I plan on reading David Foster Wallace’s magnum opus Infinite Jest.  It may take me a while.  It may take longer than a year.  But I will finish it and write on my progress.

Dear god- I am not even that into tennis…..


So there you have it!  It looks like I have a full year ahead of me.  Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Well here goes”

  1. Glad to have you joining in! I’ve read several of your Lovecraft & Bradbury stories (love The Doom that Came to Sarnath! – that was one of the first Lovecraft stories I ever read). I hope you enjoy the challenge. When I first started doing it, it was during a real busy time in my life and committing myself to reading at least one short story a week kept my ‘reading pulse’ going. Good luck!

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